Why is it a Barbi World?

My oldest sister, Lori (actually Lorita), was 10 years old when I was born. She is the reason why I am Barbi. She told my mom to spell it without the “e” because it is more unique and that I was going to do great things in my future. And thanks to my middle sister, Teresa, for her help to turn my domain purchase from several years ago of http://www.itsabarbiworld.com, into this.Β  Here is my first post onΒ It’s a Barbi World, and itΒ is dedicated to both of them. They, as well as my incredible parents have always allowed me to be in the spotlight. This is the first Christmas that we have all been together in about 25 years and the first time we have been in Seattle together, ever. We are very blessed to have our parents not only both living, but still together for over 58 years. Thanks to all my friends, who are also my cheerleaders throughout the three stages of life that my parents have taught me to be: Romance, Disillusionment and Joy (that will be for another blog). Happy Holidays everyone!

7 thoughts on “Why is it a Barbi World?

  1. Indeed ‘Barbi’ My Incredible Baby Sis!!
    As You are Defiantely the ” #firefly ” of Our Family !!
    Lighting Up Worlds of So Many!!!
    Keep on Shinin’ & Rockin’ Barbi!!! xo


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