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Music and friends

I really have great friends. My friend Tanya and I enjoy music and dancing, and this year for Christmas she was so kind to buy my friend Liz and I tickets to Jazz Alley show last night to the see Poncho Sanchez. It was actually tickets for both me and my Latin music loving boyfriend, however, he fell ill with the terrible flu. So, it became a girls night with four of us girlfriends. I wish he could have been there, too.

We shared wine, the music played, the band was fun and interactive, we had a great time. The crowd was a very eclectic mix. People got out of their chairs and began dancing in the isles.

Gifts of live music from friends and loved ones are one of my favorite things to receive, and share. 🎶 Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, Tanya, I love you very much.

Image of Poncho Sanchez performing at Jazz Alley
Poncho Sanchez performing at Jazz Alley, Seattle WA

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