Seattle Music Partners

Seattle Music Partners
Seattle Music Partners is exactly the organization I was searching for to support. Another ask, believe and receive moment in my life. Ever since I started organizing the first 15 Minutes Max – Seattle Amazonian Music Showcase, in 2016, I was driven, determined, and perhaps down right headstrong to partner and support an organization that focused on getting music instruments and lessons to children who aren’t able to afford otherwise. The way it came together made me realize, yet again, that any obstacle isn’t really an obstacle, but instead a way to get to where you asked to be. 
I was introduced to a couple of other wonderful charities, and almost chose one of them because it was easy. However, I didn’t feel the connection to this passionate music project. When I spoke to the community engagement person, I spoke about my passion to find a charity to give children an opportunity to play music. And then she told me about Seattle Music Partners, and how their purpose is to give band instruments, music books, music stands, music lessons, and transportation to the lessons. I knew this was an undeniable match. 
Their annual gala is on March 28, less than a week after this year’s 15 Minutes Max. I have decided I will definitely be a part of it, somehow, someway. And I hope any of you who feel just as passionate will join me. 

3 thoughts on “Seattle Music Partners

  1. Why Does this Not Suprise Me in the Least !? Firefly 😘
    How Awesome!!
    My Mechelle Morgan Flowers with
    #NAMF (Native American Music Fund)
    Needs Assistance from an Organization like Seattle Music Partners!!
    To You Both!!


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