My Daddio playing with Ayron Jones

I had another amazing 15 Minutes Max – Seattle Amazonian Music Showcase event at Amazon, with Ayron Jones and The Way as guest headliners, and bringing awareness to Seattle Music Partners organization. Ayron donated a guitar lesson to Seattle Music Partners annual auction fundraiser in March. I bid on the lesson and was so happy I won. Ayron was at the event and had just left, so I sent a text to him to let him know I was going to give it to my 82-year-old dad as a Father’s Day gift. It felt like forever from the end of March to June, but when I gave the gift to my dad he was very excited – the thought of playing with Ayron and the thought that Ayron could play some of the songs my dad had written.

We set up a time for Tuesday July 17. Ayron was nice and came up to my parents home in Wallingford neighborhood. My mom and dad were both excited.

Started off with a guitar lesson, then Ayron played some of my dad’s songs. One of my favorites “The Bean Song”, in which Ayron also sang a little. Then I grabbed the love song framed and hanging on the wall, my dad wrote for my mom, “One of a Kind”. Ayron played and my dad sang, and my mom and I cried happy tears behind the camera.

I captured music, stories and happiness below. It was a great day. Thank you Ayron for this special “guitar lesson”, you made my family very happy.

My Daddio and Ayron

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