Whidbey Island, a whole other world just a short ferry ride away

I am so fortunate to have met some of the best people. Not just good people, but also fun. Debi Nordstrom is one of those people I have been blessed to have in my life. She lives on Whidbey Island and loves to host and share all that the wonderful island has to offer, located just North and slightly West of Seattle. Yesterday, I hopped on the ferry as a foot passenger, she picked me up on the other side with her two adorable pups, Sienna and Luna, and we went straight to Whidbey Island country club where she is a member, to partake in a free hosted bbq. We were going to go to a plant nursery for a fall arrangement lesson, but learned it was not actually scheduled until today. So instead, we decided to go to the different wineries she is a member. But before that adventure, she drove us over to her new three-acre property where she now has her adorable two baby billy goats, Guinness and Bailey and chickens and rooster. She is going to create a goat yoga experience.

After seeing her new pets and property, we went to a Winery called Spoiled Dog, with some live music.

We sipped on a glass their red wine, listened to the music, and looked at a pamphlet with locations for art showings across the island over the weekend.

Our next stop was at Whidbey Island Distillery, just a hop skip and a jump from the winery. The woman playing the violin at Spoiled Dog Winery is the owner of the distillery. Lots of talented people live in the Island and everyone knows everyone. The whiskey and flavored liqueurs are really good, and well worth the stop.

Time was closing in on when wineries were closing, so we went to two more where she is a member. Next we went to Dancing Fish. I chose to only taste the reds at this one, and you get 5 wines to choose, so I was able to try all 5 reds. This truck with the legs sticking out of the back is what greeted us upon arrival.

And the two sidekick pups waited for us outside.

You can almost hear them saying, “Are you ready yet?”

Last stop before our 7pm dinner reservation, was Comforts of Whidbey winery. They used to have rabbits in cages, but turned them loose and now they eat the weeds below all the grapes. And the two cuties were inside this time with us. 🍷

Sienna and Luna 🐶

Next it was time for dinner at Charmers Bistro, which to my delightful surprise, the chef and owner is a friend of mine, Linda Coffman, whom I was introduced by my friend Tanya Strozier who lives here in Seattle.

We had her Bolognese and Steak and Bleu salad. Both were amazing and delicious. Italian cuisine in the Northwest. Linda knows how to cook! She was always amazing when she lived in Seattle and cooked for her friends. I am very happy for her success.

Steak and Bleu salad

Ron, Linda and I
Ron and Linda

Me, Debi and another island local patron

It was a great day, so much fun and I slept really well. 😴

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