Led Zeppelin, I mean Greta Van Fleet

I heard of Greta Van Fleet earlier this year and knew I wanted to see them when they came back to Seattle. Well, I missed the “memo” they were coming to town and two shows at the Paramount sold out. Fortunately, my new rock music loving friend, Krishna, was able to get tickets on StubHub.

There were no assigned seats, even the balcony was GA (General Admission). It started to pour down rain and I opted to not wait in any lines to get inside. So we waited until the last minute, hopped in an Uber and walked right in, grabbed a couple empty seats in the balcony, and within a few minutes the lights went out, the crowd got loud and started cheering and Greta Van Fleet took the stage.

The band consists of vocalist Josh Kiszka, guitarist Jake Kiszka, bassist Sam Kiszka, and backed by drummer Danny Wagner. They sound great, and are compared to Led Zeppelin. They have that 70s sway rock sound and feel, the silky voice that hits those high notes, like Robert Plant, and the guitar is on point, pulling out all the stops including putting the guitar behind the head while continuing to play and amaze.

They are playing again tonight. I just saw more tickets on http://www.stubhub.com and am tempted to go again. They sound that good.

Fun night, new friend, great music.

The Paramount, Seattle

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